One of the greatest risks involved in driving a convertible car is that it may be involved in a collision which causes it to roll over. Whether the roof of the vehicle is raised or not, the effect of a roll over could have serious, if not fatal, consequences for the driver and any passengers of the car.

One way of protecting the occupants of the vehicle from such potential consequences is an interior roll bar. The interior roll bar is a strong metal bar, which runs across the vehicle transversely and is designed to cushion the vehicle’s driver and passengers from the effect of a roll over accident by bearing all of the downward force on the roof.

In older vehicles the roll bar may be fitted between the front and rear seats. However, some cars do not have any in-built interior roll bar. For those motorists who drive a convertible vehicle and wish to add to its safety by the installation of an interior roll bar the options are almost unlimited. Vehicle-specific and custom built interior roll bars and interior roll cages are available from most major motor part retailers and they can be fitted in a short time for little cost.

Considering the limited financial cost, an interior roll bar is a cost effective way of enhancing the safety of a convertible car.