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The rotational sensor’s role in the vehicle is to gather information on the rotation of the wheels to judge how fast the vehicle is going. This information is then sent to the gear box ECU in an automatic gearbox. The gear box ECU uses the data to calculate what gear to put the vehicle in, and when.

The rotational sensor works alongside other sensors in the vehicle to give the gear box ECU a full understanding of what direction the vehicle is driving in, what speed, the temperature of the oil and the amount of torque being generated in the torque converter.

The most common reasons for rotational sensor failure are faulty wires leading to the rotational sensor or corroded electrical connections. If a tyre is replaced, it’s best to replace with the same brand as the other tyres as mismatched tyres will rotate at different speeds, creating unreliable results.

If a problem occurs with the rotational sensor, you may notice an error message on your dashboard display. You may also notice that the automatic transmission isn’t operating correctly. This should be rectified quickly to prevent any further damage to the vehicle.