Find Replacement Shelf Speakers Rear Parts

When vehicle audio systems were first introduced, the speakers would almost invariably be located at the front of the vehicle on the dashboard. As audio technology in autos has improved the demand for a more widespread distribution of interior speakers has grown. This has resulted in most vehicle manufacturers producing at least one model that has inbuilt rear speakers, located either on the rear door panels or on the rear parcel shelf.

For the owners of many older vehicles, which only have the benefit of front speakers, there is a relatively cheap and easy way of enhancing the sound system in their vehicles be adding a set of rear shelf speakers.

The main reason that this is an inexpensive way of adding to an audio system (and improving the sound experience for the rear passengers in a vehicle) is the fact that a rear shelf is easy to work with. It is usually made from relatively flimsy material, which can be cut and drilled using low power tools. As long as the material is sufficiently strong to bear the weight of the speaker set it is an ideal location for the installation of a set of rear shelf speakers to provide a more complete car audio system.