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The adaptive lighting module is an electronic box that is located in the driverside footwell of the vehicle. It controls all of the lighting on the interior and the exterior of the vehicle through circult boards laid with relays and is attached to the vehicle using .

Failure of the adaptive lighting module is usually caused by dirt on the relay contact points or wear and tear to the soldering. Damage to the adaptive lighting module can cause failure of any or all of the lights on the modules lighting circuit and can be particularly dangerous if headlights or indicators fail. It’s therefore recommended that any issues with the adaptive lighting module are addressed quickly, and the module is replaced if necessary.

If a adaptive lighting module is replaced, the new module will need to be coded in order to operate properly. This coding tells the module how to adapt the light beams in certain lighting and driving conditions as well as how to fade and adjust them as necessary. Failure to code the adaptive lighting module will leave the lighting of the vehicle prone to unstable performance.