A headlight moulding is a protective or decorative strip attached around the cars headlight. It offers additional protection to the headlamp unit including its fixings and also adds detail or accents to the car's styling.

The <Model> headlight moulding is fitted around the headlamp unit to offer a smoothed look to the bodywork as it conceals any gaps between the body panels and the light.

The headlight moulding also offers some protection from the elements acting as a weather seal. The moulding is usually colour coded to the cars bodywork, and is also used to enhance the car's appearance and styling. Some aftermarket headlight kits including xenon and led units contain custom mouldings.

The headlight moulding could become damaged due to wear and tear, sun damage or minor accidents. Care should be taken when replacing the moulding to ensure that the headlamp unit or surrounding panel is not damaged.