The SilverStar bulbs are a high quality halogen bulb that boasts up to an impressive 30% improvement in visibility enabling the driver to see any dangers sooner and giving more time to react. These dual-filament SilverStar bulbs deliver a bright white light with up to 60% extra light compared to other halogen bulbs making your headlights stand out from the crowd.

The SilverStar bulbs are available in the most common sizes to fit the the majority of car headlights, as well as also being available for motorbikes.

Though the SilverStar bulbs are long-lasting, they will eventually need replacing. It’s important that other traffic can see your vehicle in poor visibility or in the dark. If one of the front headlights is out it makes it difficult for oncoming traffic to gauge how wide the vehicle is, and may mistake you for a motorbike, so it’s essential that faulty bulbs are replaced as soon as possible.

Signs that your SilverStar bulbs should be replaced can be noticed by the bulb’s brightness fading, which will reduce visibility. If a fading SilverStar bulb is not replaced, it will eventually stop working.