The spot light blanking plate is a plastic cover which fits in to the front bumper of a vehicle in the place where a spot light would usually have been fitted. Some spot light blanking plates are coloured to compliment the colour of the vehicle’s body, some however are a black or grey shade for the traditionally coloured bumpers

Some diesel vehicles require a specific spot light blanking plate to be fitted which has a vent on the front in order to allow air to circulate through. These parts are called a cold air intake oil cooler and these spot light blanking plates should only be replaced with an identical part otherwise damage can be done to the vehicle.

spot light blanking plates may need to be replaced if a vehicle is involved in a frontal collision which has damaged the plastic blanking plate. Alternatively, many people seek to customise their vehicles to give them a unique appearance or make the front of the vehicle lighter. In this case, it’s possible to remove the front bumper spot lights and install a spot light blanking plate in its place.