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The spotlights both, or fog lights as they are otherwise known are positioned on the front of the vehicle. spotlights both are used only in fog or in heavy snow when visibility is impaired. Wherever possible, the vehicle’s headlights should be used in place of the spotlights, as the bright glare from spotlights both can cause temporary blindness to oncoming drivers.

It’s becoming more common for drivers to fit additional lighting to their vehicles for cosmetic purposes to give it a unique appearance. As a result, spotlights both have become increasingly popular with many drivers as they create a sporty look and are available in a wealth of colours.

If you have a problem with your spotlights both, you may notice that the bulb is not lit. This could be down to a faulty bulb, and this should be checked first. If the issue is still present, then the spotlights both should be checked themselves make sure there isn’t damage to the wiring. As with all electrical components, it’s important to get this checked by someone who is competent in vehicular electrics to ensure the vehicle is safe.