Replacement Car Towbar & Electronics Parts & Spares

The towbar and electrics is a structure which can be fixed to the rear of the vehicle and is designed for towing, which comes with all the necessary electrics to hook the vehicle you are towing up with power. The tow bar enables you to hitch a trailer, caravan, or car, for example, to the rear of your vehicle and tow it along. The towbar can also be used to mount cycle carriers.

The towbar and electrics is attached to the chassis of the vehicle at the rear. Towbars are usually manufactured from steel, strong plastic or aluminum. There are different types of towbar, but most commonly used in the UK is the fixed flange ball towbar. Towbars come in different shapes, sizes and designs. It's vital that you purchase the correct towbar for the make and model of your vehicle to enable it to fit and function properly and safely. Buying the towbar and electrics will ensure you get a part and all the necessary components, fixtures and fittings that will be compatible with your vehicle.

When fitting a towbar it's important that you fit it accurately and make sure that you get the right distance between the tow bar hitch and the rear of the vehicle. This is important for reasons of functionality and safety. Whatever you're towing, be it a trailer, caravan or car, it will need the necessary connections to receive power so that it's road lights, and in the case of a caravan, all the internal components such as the fridge, can work when being towed. This kit provides you with the tow bar and all the necessary electrics you'll need to connect the towbar when it's in place. Originally towing electrics were connected to the rear lights on the vehicle, but with advancements in modern automobile technology, a car's electrics are a complex series of wiring systems so it's important to get the towbar electronics right. The towbar and electrics will guarantee a part and all the necessary electronics that's perfectly compatible with the make and model of your vehicle. It gives you all that you need to fix the tow bar to your vehicle and get the electrics working. Whatever you're towing, you'll need single point electric, basically one plug to power the tail lights of the vehicle being towed. If you're towing a caravan you'll want to get the twin point electrics which give you two plugs; one for the tail lights and one for the internal components of the caravan that require electricity. It's a good idea to bear in mind that when towing a trailer or caravan, for example, that this will put extra strain on the engine and consequently your car will use more fuel than usual. Towing a load will also affect the general handling and overall power and performance of your vehicle, so this should be taken into consideration and appropriate driving while towing should be applied.

 The towbar and electrics can be protected from the elements and damage from knocks and scrapes with the towbar cover which will go a long way to extending the working life of this part. Towbars can receive damage in a rear collision and this can often be the reason for replacement. Depending on the material, the towbar can suffer from rust and general wear and tear. Buying the right towbar means it will fit properly and work safely. The towbar and electrics is the ideal choice for the make and model of your vehicle, enabling you to tow whatever you need to, safely, legally and with ease.