A cars radiator is a central part of the engines cooling system. Responsible for removal of heat from the engine coolant, the radiator system cools the liquid by allowing fresh external air to pass over a network of thin pipes, losing heat to the atmosphere.

A <Model> belt driven radiator fan is used to blow fresh air across the radiators cores helping to cool the coolant, which is especially important when the car is slow moving or at a standstill.

This fan is driven by a belt and pulley arrangement which is powered by the engine. As a result the fan speed increases as the engine rev’s higher. On some <Model> belt driver radiator fans a clutch mechanism is used to engage and disengage the fan, allowing it to be active at lower rev’s only.

A <Model> belt driven radiator fan can fail due to worn or damaged belt, leading to the fan not engaging and therefore reduced cooling effect. Also the fan blades can become cracked or damaged due to the extremes of temperature.