Find Replacement Seat Switch Electric Parts

The electric seat switch is the means by which drivers and passengers can manipulate their seat position in order to be seated in the safest and most comfortable way. The switch will allow for adjustments to be made to seat height, seat depth, seat length, backrest angle and headrest position. These alterations can be made by the operation of a series of buttons, switches and dials which are located on the right side of the seat for the driver and on the left side of the seat for the passenger. The switch sends power to a series of motors located underneath the seat which will then adjust the seat position.

In some vehicles the seat switch will incorporate a memory system which will allow it to remember a number of pre-set seat positions and configurations at the touch of a button. This will mean that the seat position does not have to be manually changed for every driver or passenger that uses the vehicle.

If the seat switch fails to operate the most likely cause will be faulty wiring, poor terminal connections or a blown fuse.