There are a variety of different steering columns depending on the model of the vehicle, the type of transmission and the location of the gear selector. A typical steering column will contain all the mechanical parts necessary to translate the rotation of the steering wheel into movement of the car’s wheels in the chosen direction. One of the essential components of a steering column is the steering column coupling. In simple terms, the steering column coupling connects the steering column to the steering gear assembly.

Steering column couplings, as with most car parts, tend to degenerate with significant age and/or mileage. If the steering column coupling suffers significant wear and tear or is damaged, it is likely to exhibit free play and will cause the car to rattle when driving in a straight line on uneven surfaces. There are other possible reasons for these problems so the entire steering system should be checked before the steering column coupling is replaced. It is not an expensive component and is relatively easy to fit. It is always sensible to replace a worn or damaged steering column coupling as soon as a problem is detected to prevent further damage to the vehicle’s steering system and for the comfort of the driver.