A radius arm is a lightweight metal link in the suspension whose role is to control wheel motion. It’s connected in place by a radius arm bracket, which is located near the wheel and axle and connected to the shock absorbers. The radius arm is connected to the axle on one end via rubber bushings and on the other end to the chassis of the vehicle.

It’s important that a radius arm is mounted ahead of the wheel in order to avoid wheel hop when accelerating. This is a term which describes the upward movement of the wheels causing them to come off the ground momentarily. If positioned in the wrong place, the act of braking can cause the passengers to feel like they’ve been thrown forward as the vehicle stops.

If damage occurs to the radius arm or it’s bracket you will notice a loud clunking noise. If either one becomes broken your vehicle’s wheels with be misaligned and the vehicle will pull to one side. Your vehicle will also experience irregular tyre wear, difficulty in steering and vibration. Swift repairs are essential.