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The spare wheel carrier cage is a cage-like structure which can be fitted to the rear end of a vehicle for the purposes of carrying the spare wheel.

Standard size spare wheels are hefty to store, so often they are mounted to the rear of the vehicle in a spare wheel carrier cage, which creates more space inside the vehicle.  This external caged housing is usually what's being referred to when talking about a spare wheel carrier cage. On many cars, spare wheels are often stored in the boot of the car, however, in a special compartment which can be referred to as a wheel carrier/ wheel carrier cage. The exact location of the spare wheel varies from car to car so buying the spare wheel carrier cage guarantees you a part that will be right for your vehicle.

The spare wheel carrier cage offers a secure place to store the spare wheel, helping to prevent it from being stolen, providing protection to the spare wheel, while keeping it safe and secure until it's needed. The spare wheel carrier cage offers a tidy and easy solution to spare wheel storage. This useful accessory is not only functional, it will also add a smart and tidy look to the  vehicle and bring peace of mind that the spare wheel is safe and secure. The spare wheel carrier cage gives extra protection to the spare wheel. You can also protect the spare wheel with a spare wheel cover.

If the spare wheel carrier cage on your vehicle is broken, has been damaged or the fixtures and fittings are worn and not working properly it will need replacing. When replacing or buying a new spare wheel carrier cage, choosing the spare wheel carrier cage will ensure you get a part that's compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.