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There are areas of the road, behind the car and to the sides, which are crucial to be able to see, in order to drive safely, which are out of the driver's peripheral vision. An electric wing mirror is an exterior mirror which enables the driver to see these 'blind spots' enabling clear vision of any traffic nearby and any potential hazards, and as such is an important visual aid and safety feature. 

Electric wing mirrors are usually mounted in the door pillars on both the driver and passenger side door. Electric wing mirrors can be adjusted electronically to move vertically, horizontally and diagonally from inside the car by using the electric wing mirror switch. Located within easy reach of the driver, usually on the dashboard or steering column, using the electric wing mirror switch, the driver can adjust the wing mirrors to suit height, line of sight and seat position. The electric wing mirror switch uses power from the car's battery to work, which provides the car with direct current.

An option on some electric windows is a memory feature which remembers the individual wing mirror settings for each driver of the car and can be programmed to recall them. Some electric wing mirrors also heat the glass on the mirror to aid visibility, stopping the mirror from icing in freezing conditions or clouding up in heavy rain. There is also an automatic dimming feature available on some electric models which reduces the glare in the wing mirror from cars traveling behind. The electric wing mirror switch can be used to control whichever options are available. 

If the wing mirror adjustment is not working, it could be a problem with the electric wing mirror switch. Car electrical switches will slowly wear out over time and will last only a certain number of years before they will need replacing. By purchasing a electric wing mirror switch you can be sure it will be compatible with the make and model of your car.