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Here at we will supply any Bumper you require saving you on costs. We will deliver any vehicle Bumper. We will help you to decide on the right Bumper for your vehicle. We have available many great Bumper discounts and give a warranty on all new and used parts. If you have any questions about any new or used Bumper then please call our customer service today on *0905 232 3000. We also offer amazing prices for Bumper Rear, Bumper Caps and Bumper Guards on cars and vans.
Bumpers - Prices from £15.00 + Delivery.

Bumper information

All vehicles have bumpers on the front and rear, and there main purpose is to protect the frame and insides of the vehicle from damage in any collision. Older bumpers were made of metal and really protruded from the front and rear of the vehicle. Modern bumpers are made of fiberglass, rubber or hard plastic, either painted the colour of the vehicle, or black is a common colour for modern vehicles. Due to the modern design, they are susceptible to easier damage than older designs. Bumpers are required by law on all vehicles and also ensure that extra safety in the event of a crash. Due to the many different designs of bumpers, it can be hard to find the right one, but here at breakeryard we aim to make this process as easy for you as possible.
We deliver excellence to you the customer so whichever make of vehicle you own we will supply the exact unique bumper directly to you at incredible prices!

Why choose Breakeryard?

We guarantee to find your bumper in minimum time, in order for our specialist to contact you fast simply fill in an online parts request form free in order to receive quotes within minutes then the choice is yours as to which price you choose! Or if you would prefer call our hotline on *0905 232 3000. Our service is convenient, you can place a parts request 24 hours of the day so whenever it suits you. We save you the hassle of calling around different companies for quotes. We do the legwork and you to just sit back and relax.