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Brake servos

If you have been searching for a brake servo for your vehicle then search no further we will meet your exact need guaranteed, we stock new and used brake servo's. Brake servos can be hard to find we understand that here at Breakeryard, we make our process simple and as easy as possible for you. In order for our specialists to contact you simply call our parts hotline, or simply fill out an online parts request form by filling in your details in order for our breakers to contact you rapidly with up to 10 quotes. We also offer great deals on Brake Compensator Valves and Brake Discs.
Brake Servos - Prices from £14.95 + Delivery

What is a Brake Servo?

Brake servos are also known as: Vacuum servos, or brake booster in the USA. The brake servo assists the driver by making it possible for the driver to apply less pressure onto the pedal but get the same results. The brake servo is situated between the master cylinder and the foot pedal. It is hydraulically operated by a piston which acts as a vacuum, meaning less force needed by the driver on the pedal and more force being applied to the brakes. Ultimately meaning quicker more efficient stopping/slowing down of the vehicle.

How do you receive your brake servo kit?

Simply fill in a parts request form in order for our parts specialists to contact you rapidly with up to 10 quotes. Or if you would prefer call our parts hotline on *0905 232 3000 and speak to one of our friendly advisers who are sure to be of assistance. Our process is fast, reliable and hassle free meaning we do the leg work all you need to do is contact us then place a request and we will do the rest!