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Save money and time by letting us find a range of used and refurbished original used car spares for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for larger parts, such as Citroen Xsara gearboxes and engines, or something a bit smaller, such as wing mirrors or {small car part2s}, searching our database is as easy as 1, 2, 3. All our Citroen Xsara parts are fully checked, fully guaranteed and ready for direct dispatch.

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  • CITROEN XSARA 2000cc 2003 --- 03/53 Door Front Driverside
  • CITROEN XSARA 2000cc 2002 --- 02/52 Door Rear Passengers
  • CITROEN XSARA 1600cc 2000 --- W/X/Y Wing Mirror Electric Driverside
  • CITROEN XSARA 1600cc 2006 --- 06/56 Wing Mirror Electric Driverside
  • CITROEN XSARA 1400cc 2002 --- 02/52 Power Steering Pump
  • CITROEN XSARA 1600cc 2006 --- 06/56 Turbo Charger
  • CITROEN XSARA 1600cc 2007 --- 07/57 Turbo Charger
  • CITROEN XSARA 1600cc 2005 --- 05/55 Alternator
  • CITROEN XSARA 1600cc 2002 --- 02/52 Bumper Front
  • CITROEN XSARA 1600cc 2001 --- Y/51 Wing Mirror Glass Electric Driverside
  • CITROEN XSARA 2000cc 1999 --- S/T/V Engine Complete Full
  • CITROEN XSARA 1600cc 2001 --- Y/51 Wing Mirror Glass Passengers Electric