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Single Wiper Conversion Kits

Breakeryard's offers are matchless; our Breakers offer a warranty on all Single Wiper Conversion Kit Car Parts. We will help you to decide on the right Single Wiper Conversion Kits for your vehicle, just call our customer services today on *0905 232 3000. We stock many related parts in our system. Our parts comes with warranty giving you the peace of mind when buying from us.

What are Single Wiper Conversion Kits?

This is becoming popular with car modification enthusiasts. The Single Wiper is popular in motor sport vehicles. The disadvantage of a single wiper blade is that its swing doesn't cover the entire window which leaves the top part unswept. It is the drag with 2 wipers that is the deciding factor for using it in motor sport.
It is so easy to leave it parked in the upright position and it can become an obstacle to vision. Not only is complying with local legislation is important, it is also for your own safety. If unsure park your wiper horizontally instead of vertically.
To convert your wiper blades to single wiper doesn't need a great deal of DIY knowledge. In fact, it is fairly straightforward.
The new kit would come with a new wiper motor, a new longer wiper blade and arm, and a new mechanism with levers and rods. You can also use the rear wiper mechanism from a larger car to fit and work your single front wiper. Make sure it fits and it doesn't cut through your bodywork.
First of all you will need to check that the positioning is right, that it sweeps ok, without cutting into the body work. Once you are happy with the positioning, you can fit the wipers. If you are not sure, get a professional to fit the part.

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