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The LDV Convoy was a panel van produced by LDV Limited. This model was built from 1996, as a development of earlier models such as the Leyland DAF 400 Series - which was based on the even earlier Freight Rover 300 Series. The Convoy was designed to be a larger version of the smaller LDV Pilot, which had previously been the Leyland DAF 200 Series. Many of these larger LDV models were based on the Leyland Sherpa series of vans, even sharing some components across the range with these early models. The production of the LDV Convoy stopped in 2006, when it was succeeded by the new LDV Maxus van.

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Although under the shell the LDV Convoy had many similarities with the older Leyland DAF model on which it was based, the Convoy boasted a whole new look, with improvements all around. Reviewers praised its solid quality and cheap to run nature, although some couldn''t look past the basic, unrefined feel.

LDV Convoy (1996 - 2006)

In 1989 Freight Rover became part of the Leyland DAF brand, which was when the 300 Series van transformed into the 400 Series. Offering air suspension and a Peugeot-sourced 2.5L diesel engine, it was given the Leyland DAF badge and proceeded to sell well. Then, in 1993, Leyland DAF closed, and the van side of the business was sold off - which is when LDV Limited was formed.

When LDV Limited first hit the market they revamped the existing 400 Series van and renamed it the LDV Convoy. It was available as either a 2.8t, 3.1t or 3.5t van, with impressive load volume capabilities of up to 12.9 cubic metres. The Convoy was available in a number of different variations, including as a pick-up and fleet-based van or a minibus for the transportation of people. LDV updated the offerings under the bonnet, moving away from the Peugeot engines previously used and adopting new Ford engine - a 2.5 L unit offering either 72bhp or 96bhp. On the outside the Convoy features a new shaped bonnet and grille with improved brighter headlamps and new bumpers, as well as redesigned rear doors.

The Convoy was a hugely successful launch for the new LDV brand, becoming a popular choice for businesses within the UK including Royal Mail. During the mid-2000s LDV realised that the platform used for the Convoy was becoming dated when compared to the high level of competition entering this sector of the market. To compare, the Ford Transit, a hugely popular van leading the market for decades and decades, had lived through two full redesigns during the lifetime of the Sherpa/Freight Rover/Convoy years. This high level of competition meant that many of the businesses who had adopted the LDV Convoy as a commercial vehicle began to stray to other marques, causing LDV to lose a portion of their business. To combat this, LDV decided to launch a new model called the Maxus, which meant that the Convoy run was ended in 2006. The last model was built that same year.

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