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Suspension functionality

The suspension is a complex system featuring shock absorbers, springs and linkages, that connect the vehicle to the wheels. Its main role is to maximise the friction between the hard surface and the tyres. Ideally, the roads we use should be pan flat with virtually no imperfections at all. Sadly, this is not the case and so every time the wheels roll over an imperfection on the road, the vehicle goes into a vertical acceleration of low or high magnitude depending on the size of the imperfection encountered. The wheel will move into the same direction and so will the frame mass. Without a suspension the ride will literally be for the occupants of the vehicle a very bumpy ride and will seriously obstruct the drivers ability to manoeuvre the car and brake efficiently. We can conclude than that the suspension on a car is serving a dual purpose: safety and comfort of the driver and the occupants.

Suspension Facts

At the beginning of the auto-mobile era the suspension concept was not known or thought of for one simple reason. Cars simply were not fast enough to raise this problem. The first automobile to be fitted with shock absorbers is known in history as the "Mors Machine". Later, in 1920, Leyland successfully used the torsion bars in the suspension system, which was followed by the independent suspension in 1922, fitted on a Lancia Lambada.
The suspension must be calculated correctly in accordance with the vehicle's potential load or the functionality of a certain type of vehicle. For instance race cars must be fitted with heavier springs to improve shock absorption and heavy load vehicles must have heavy springs to sustain the load. Find the right kind of replacement complete suspension or any of its components here on Breakeryard.com by simply filling in your car's details on the front page and let us take care of the rest. Our specialist will be in touch in no time via e-mail or SMS with the relevant details and low prices to suit any car and any budget.

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