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Bmw car parts logoBMW is one of the foremost names in the automotive world and for good reason; they have been creating some of the most outstanding examples of aircraft engines, automobiles and motorcycles the world has seen, and of course offer a generous range of BMW parts for sale. BMW or Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works in English) came into being in the small town of Bavaria. The Bavarian flag is a checkerboard of blue and white and a circular portion was adopted by BMW as their logo, which many confuse to be a propeller owing to their history of aircraft engines. Owning a BMW can be a costly pleasure especially when major spare parts need replacing so awareness of ones options of sourcing used parts online can save a lot of money and hassle. Second hand or refurbished parts can be up to 85% cheaper than ordering a new part from the official dealership so well worth investigating.

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BMW is one of the top luxury brands in the world today, with top honours in many countries, and second place behind Mercedes in others.


One of the highlights so far of the BMW range of cars has been their trademark straight six cylinder petrol engine, which has won International Engine of the Year in its category several times running. This engine, currently in 3.0L form with Twin Power Turbo technology puts out 300 horsepower and a wave of torque from low engine speeds offering superior driving characteristics whatever the situation. Of course, they have a multitude of engines in 4, 6 and 8 cylinder forms and, until recently, even a mind-boggling V10 was part of the onslaught. Over the years, the engine design got more compact and cylinder capacity and count was reduced with growing concerns over depletion of natural resources and global warming. BMW now offers a 2.0L Twin Power Turbo straight 4 petrol engine badged the 28i that develops 240 horsepower and more torque than the outgoing 30i 3.0L straight six without the turbocharger. This engine also made its debut in the Z4 roadster, another iconic BMW car model. This move was viewed by many loyalists as sacrilege to the brand. Engine parts and refurbished BMW engines can be found by searching the nationwide network of breakers here. When facing problems with the electronics it is usually best to see a licenced BMW dealership as they have the correct diagnostic tools and experience to quickly locate the problem. Refurbished gearboxes can also be sourced through the breaker network and then fitted by a local mechanic.

BMW Models and Series:

BMW's range of cars is quite the list, extending from the new 1-series compact car, to the sporty 3-series which is available as a 2 or 4 door sedan or as a convertible. Then there's the larger 5-series executive sedan, which also spawned a big GT version. Following the 5 is the sporty 6-series coupe and convertible. There are also the all-road versions based on these platforms too, beginning with the compact utility vehicle the X1, the larger, sportier X3 and the biggest of the lot, with seven seats to boot, the X5. Of the more peculiar vehicles in any lineup is the X6 - a sports activity coupe, which blends the world of the off road vehicle with a sports coupe. Another feather in BMW's cap is the Z4 roadster, one of the most desirable little cars ever made. This long bonnet two-seater sports car is quite the machine to drive and embodies all of BMW's values in the most compact package the company offers. At the top of the list is the 7-series, BMW's ultimate luxury car which takes automobile technology to the next level in terms of safety, comfort and entertainment.

M Division:

One of the most revered cars in the mind of any true enthusiast is probably the BMW M3 - the definitive sports saloon for many. It blends everyday practicality with supercar madness and leaves you smiling no matter what reason you take it out for. The Motorsport division also offers a loony twin-turbocharged 560 horsepower M5 and M6, the latter available as either a coupe or a convertible. The M division also fettles with the X5 and X6. Recently, it was announced that the M50d would be available with the xDrive system. This 3.0L straight six diesel motor puts out 380 horsepower and 740 Nm of torque, which is more than some big turbocharged petrol engines twice its size!

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Finding Used Parts Online and Getting the Best Price

Searching Breakeryard’s national network of licensed and specialist car breakers could not be easier. Simply enter your car registration or vehicle details at the top of the page or directly in our easy to use part finder and specify the part or parts you are looking for. Your request will then be sent via email to all our car dismantlers and breakers. If they have the part in stock, the breaker will email you directly with a quote for the part and delivery of the item which can usually be dispatched within 24 hours.

Because each car breaker is quoting you without knowing how much other breakers have quoted, they are more likely to price their parts competitively as they are essentially blind bidding for your business. This natural way of driving the cost of car parts down has served our customers well and ensures that you will get the best deal for your part. And if you are not happy with any of the quotes, you can still contact the breakers to negotiate further. We are also helping to save our customers money on labour costs for fitting the parts.

Part Delivery Information and Time

All parts quoted by our breakers and scrap yards area available for shipping within 24 hours or next working day. The method and therefore the cost of shipping vary greatly between parts but will be included in the price quoted. Smaller parts such as wing mirrors or head lights can be safely posted with Royal Mail while larger or very heavy items will require specialist delivery.

Car parts can be delivered to your home or directly to your local garage or mechanic, this is particularly recommended for heavy and bulky items such as engines. Shipping and delivery details can be agreed directly with the breaker to best suit your requirements

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