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History of Mitsubishi L200

The Mitsubishi L200 was first launched in 1978, with the compact pick-up now approaching its fifth generation. Initially known as the Forte in its home market of Japan, the L200 name is used in many export markets - including the UK. Autocar says that the "growth in popularity of the long cab pick-up in the UK can largely be attributed to the L200," which is an indication of just how popular the model has been. Globally there have been 2.8 million units of the first three generations sold around the world. The L200 has been a hugely successful model for Mitsubishi in the more than 30 years it has been in production, with What Van? voting it pick-up of the year 15 times in 18 years. The L200 is often praised for its stylish good looks that move away from the traditional pickup aesthetic. However, at heart the vehicle is designed to be a rugged workhorse, performing well off-road with the capabilities to haul large loads well. Autocar says it is a truly rough, tough commercial vehicle.

First and second generation Mitsubishi L200 (1978 - 1996)

The first generation of Mitsubishi was first launched in 1978, sold in Japan as the Mitsubishi Forte. This line was then cancelled for five years within the Japanese domestic market, before it relaunched in 1991 known as the Strada. In export markets however, including the United Kingdom, the L200 name was used. Export models boasted either a 2.0 L gasoline engine or a larger 2.6 L unit. A 2.3 L diesel engine was also popular in many markets due to its more frugal nature.

Most markets received the second gen L200 in 1986, available as either a two- or four-door pick up. North American markets received the Mk2 model as the Mighty Max, although this ended production from 1996 with no successor models markets in the US.

Many felt that the L200 was at the heart of the UK''s new love for the pickup throughout the late nineties and early noughties. This surge in sales was down to a tax loophole which resulted in pickups being cost-effective choices for business people and company car users, making them better to run than conventional car choices.

Third generation Mitsubishi L200 (1996 - 2005)

The third generation L200 was launched in 1996, with updated 2.5 L turbo diesel engines powering the new model. According to Buy a Car, the naturally aspirated engine boasted 74bhp while the turbocharged and intercooled version was good for 98bhp.

This model was also the first to showcase the L200''s new styling, boasting a far more rounded, modern overall look. Both engine options were available in a choice of either rear-wheel drive of four-wheel drive, with the four-wheel drive model featuring a bonnet mounted air scoop designed to complement the more aggressive overall drive.

In 1998 the Mitsubishi introduced the L200 GL 4x4 double cab model, which was a well equipped version designed to sit four passengers with an impressive payload allowance. Power plants came in the form of the 98bhp 2.5 L engine or the 3.0 L V6 petrol engine which offered an impressive 178bhp.

Fourth generation Mitsubishi L200 (2005 - 2015)

In 2005 Mitsubishi released the fourth gen model, with a 2.5 L turbo diesel engine offering either 132 hp or 180 hp. It''s based around a ladder frame chassis with multi link front suspension and heavier-duty leaf spring suspension to the rear, using a relatively standard set up for a pickup.

By 2006 and the launch of the Mk4 L200 the pickup market had truly taken off, encouraging other manufacturers to bring far more stiff competition into the category. This meant that for this generation the L200 improved further, adopting a far more car-like driving style with a curvy look that was once again seen as a step away from the traditional pickup truck aesthetic. The lineup consisted of 4Work and a 4Life models, both of which kept to a relatively rugged and utilitarian approach, although some special edition vehicles such as the Warrior and Animal offered more in terms of luxury extras.

Three body styles are offered: a single cab, a Club cab and a double cab, which proved to be the most popular. The single cab was often chosen by those looking for a more traditional two-seater pickup vehicle with great load length, prioritising cargo. The double cab model however offers seats for five in its four-door frame, with decent legroom and comfort-related features such as adjustable seat backs.

In 2008 The L200 Was Awarded A Four-Star Adult Occupant Safety Rating During Euro NCAP Testing.

Fifth generation Mitsubishi L200 (2015 - present)

Mitsubishi unveiled the all new L200 in 2014, destined to go in sale in Europe towards the end of 2015. It is intended to be powered by a new 2.4 L diesel engine, sharing the same fundamentals and underpinnings with the upcoming Fiat Professional pick up.