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About Breakeryard | Why We Are The Best Part Finder For You

Stuff about us (otherwise known as reasons you can trust our website, even though you just found us online).

When your van or car needs a part and isn’t working properly, it can be an expensive, hassle-heavy nightmare involving teeth-grinding and secret-tear-shedding. We get that! In fact, that’s why we’re here. We also get that you might be a little unsure about buying second-hand vehicle parts online – especially via a website you don’t know much about. Which is why, we guess, you’re on this page. And we’d love to introduce ourselves.

Who We Are

Essentially, you tell us what van/car part you’re looking for and we let the sellers (aka van and car breaker’s yards) know you’re looking for it.  Our network of sellers will then get in touch and give you a price. You decide who to buy it from, seal the deal with the seller and hey presto! The part is on its way. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years which pretty much makes us experts. We’ve got all the knowhow you need to find the right part for the right price.

It’s as simple as

  1. Enter your reg
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Get quotes, buy the part, get the part delivered.

And we don’t share your details with anyone else either.

Once you’ve got the quotes, if you don’t want the part or change your mind, no problem! There’s no obligation to buy. Plus, if it’s the wrong part, you have 18 days to return it and get a refund.

Our Origin Story

You see, we’ve been where you are now. We have first-hand experience of being told we needed to pay tons of money for a part. It sucks. And it sucks to have to seek out sellers and trudge around van and car breaker’s yards with little result. So, 21 years ago, we figured that the world could use a website which connected the part-seeking people with the part-selling people (the ones giving good prices of course) to make it easier to buy and sell van and car parts in the UK. Enter We’ve been doing it ever since.

Some Trust Dust

Buying second-hand van or car parts from a seller can appear a bit risky, we know. But here’s the deal. All our sellers are approved. Yup, that’s right, we approve all our sellers. We don’t put you in touch with just anybody.

The vans and cars in salvage yards are often there because only one part is damaged while the rest of the parts are still in great shape. The car dismantlers (sellers) we work with know their stuff and they repurpose good parts for good prices. Buying from a seller can mean up to 80% off main dealer prices (cue whistles of admiration)

We guarantee any part you receive from a seller will be:

  • Tested before it’s sent out.
  • An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part.
  • Not a cheap imitation.

Going through our PartFinder process is simple and easy. It’s designed to help you get the best deal, after all.  And if you do end up with a part which doesn’t work, you still have at least a 14-day money back guarantee so you can just send it right back to where it came from. 

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