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Changing legislation, motoring news, musings on driving… It’s all here in our blogs.


Winter Driving Tips
Top tips when driving during the winter

The first thing that’s really important to know is that the braking/stopping distance of your vehicle can more than double in wet and icy road conditions when compared to dry surfaces. 

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Drink and drive consequences
Consequences of Drink Driving

If you’ve clicked on this article then a ‘big well done to you’ as you must be someone who is responsible and wants to learn more... 

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Should lorries drive in the outside lane
Should Lorries be Allowed in the Third Lane?

If you saw the recent television broadcast which addressed the various issues involving lorry drivers, you may have some trepidation about encountering heavy goods vehicles on the motorway.

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Electric vs Petrol and Deisel
Can We Switch to Electrical Vehicles Completely by 2040?

Recently announced plans to do away with all diesel and petrol cars by 2040 in favour of electric models have been met with some apprehension.

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Cars, during the winter, waiting at traffic lights
Is your car ready for winter? Part 2!

We’re back with part 2 of our winter readiness series! If you didn’t see part 1, take a look at it here.

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ford focus rs 2017 drifting across a salt dune
Ford Focus – Should I buy it second-hand?

There’s a reason that the Ford Focus is the 2nd most popular second-hand car in the UK. It’s an iconic vehicle with different models that match whatever needs you’re looking for.

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Cars driving on a motorway at night with their lights on
3 Top Tips for Driving in the Dark

As the days grow shorter, commuting in darker conditions is going to start becoming a reality for many of us again.

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White SUV driving through snow on an icy surface
Is your car ready for the winter?

Winter is often associated with car failure. The sight of someone, sitting forlornly on their car bonnet, at the side of the road is a common one during the colder months.

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Car battery sitting in a car engine bay
When should you replace your car battery and how can you save money on it?

Too often, the first sign of a battery going wrong is a car not starting in the morning.

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Old breaker yard
Can you trust a Car Breaker Yard?

Breaker yards have a characteristic image that often confuses people when they first set foot in one. The typical image of a breaker yard is of an old, run down, grease-sodden warehouse.

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Clean car engine with car parts
How can you save money on replacement car parts?

It’s a Monday morning and you’ve left the house to go to work.

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Car on road centered on tyre
Are your tyres legal?

Legally, your tyres should have at least 1.6mm of tread but many manufacturers recommend replacing tyres once their tread depth is below 3mm.

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