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Changing legislation, motoring news, musings on driving… It’s all here in our blogs.


Your New Year Resolution Is To Drive Safely
Your New Year Resolution Is To Drive Safely

January is the ideal time to make a fresh start and give yourself a new outlook on life.

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Breakeryard Driving Home safely this christmas
Driving Home Safely For Christmas

It’s that time of year again and it is more than just Chris Rea who will be driving home for Christmas. This is an exciting time of year and many people have places to go and people to see.

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Driverless Cars Interior
Driverless Cars by 2021 Pros and Cons

Let's have a look at the impact of driverless cars soon to be launched onto the UK roads, according to a recent statement made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

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World's Worst Places to Breakdown
The 6 World's Worst Places to Breakdown

For any drivers who’ve experienced the pain and frustration that comes with the car losing power just when you're cruising down the road, there are certain places&nbsp

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whiplash controversy
Whiplash: The controversy and the claim

We may all of heard of the term ‘whiplash’, which over the years has been portrayed with some controversy as an easy way to make a claim some extra money, but ofcourse, t

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What is insurance fronting
What is Insurance Fronting? Don't risk it!

Many of us know of what the fronting concept relates too, but if we’re honest we may not be sure of the actual term ‘fronting’.

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reviews and feedback
We would love to hear your reviews and feedback?

To help us continually improve our part finding system, we would really value your feedback whether good, or bad. We will be publishing your comments, and also use some of them as testimonials.

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save money on used parts
7 Tips When Buying Used Parts

In this day and age everyone is looking to save money where they can and buying the right used part can certainly help you save on the wallet – As they say ‘every little helps’.&n

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Save money on your fuel bill
Save money on fuel this summer

With the increase of petrol and diesel prices over recent years, it now costs an average of £8 extra to fill up the tank than it did just 2 years ago.

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Spruce up your driveway this summer
Tips to spruce up your driveway for the summer

Throughout the year driveways can easily attract oil stains, mud, weeds and soil through typical wear and tear.

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Protect your car from tech-savvy car thieves

Whether you’ve read it in the news, or seen videos on social media, car thieves are getting more and more tech savvy when it comes to stealing newer cars.

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new driving laws 2018
8 New Driving Laws for 2018

This year will see the introduction of new changes to our driving laws with regards to our driving licences, road tax, new drivers and scrappage schemes.

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