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Should lorries drive in the outside lane
Should Lorries be Allowed in the Third Lane?

If you saw the recent television broadcast which addressed the various issues involving lorry drivers, you may have some trepidation about encountering heavy goods vehicles on the motorway.

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Are elderly drivers safer than we think?
Are Elderly Drivers Safer Than We Think?

It can be a hotly contested point but many people seem to think that elderly people are worse at driving than everyone else. Is this just an urban myth?

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DVLA is working on new digital driving licenses
Driving licences are going digital…

Do you follow Oliver Morley on Twitter? He’s the CEO of DVLA and not Beyoncé so we’re guessing the chances are that you don’t.

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Could your medication lead to an unlimited fine and criminal record?

Last year, new regulations came into effect in Wales and England to tackle drug driving.

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