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Le Mans

Le Mans, the world’s oldest sports car race in endurance racing is taking place this weekend over 13 and 14 June.  Named after the French town where

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Changes to the counterpart paper Driving Licence

The paper counterpart of the licence is being phased out in 2015 - this year. This is a continuation of the DVLA digitising all motoring records.

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The Battlesbridge Grand Motorbilia Day 2014

Battlesbridge Grand Motorbilia Day 2014

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Will traffic deaths soar from marijuana legalisation?

Three states in America  have legalised the use of pot, they are: Colorado, Washington and Montana. Marijuana legalisation has yet to be introduced here.

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Is the Volvo XC90 the safest car in the world?

The latest model of the Volvo XC90 has ignited immense excitement. The new headlights do resemble Thor’s tremendous hammer and something futuristic from Tron.

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The 2014 Footman James Bristol Classic Car Show

The 2014 Footman James Bristol Classic Car Show will commence on Saturday 14th to Sunday 15th June. This spectacular event is situated at the Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, BA4 6QN.

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The Goodwood Breakfast Club 2014

The Goodwood Breakfast Club 2014 is revving up expectations to entertain every motorist and all enthusiasts. You should really be taken back and in your element with the various themes on display.

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International Race Retro 2014 motor show

Starts Friday 21st February to Sunday 23rd February

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Announcing 2014 Land Rover Defender Challenge

Bowler Motorsport plans to launch a Land Rover rally car; it is named as the Defender Challenge.

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The bloodhound rocket car soon to be launched

The dynamic duo that heads up the bloodhound rocket car is Richard Noble the Project Director and Andy Green the driver.

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The Concours of Elegance 2013

Last year the spectacular event Concours of Elegance took place at Windsor Castle. This year it has moved to the Royal Gardens of St James, Central London.

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The British Grand Prix, Silverstone 2013

Starts 28th June – 30th June 2013 The Formula 1 British Grand Prix will be showcased this month at Silverstone race track.

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