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ford focus rs 2017 drifting across a salt dune
Ford Focus – Should I buy it second-hand?

There’s a reason that the Ford Focus is the 2nd most popular second-hand car in the UK. It’s an iconic vehicle with different models that match whatever needs you’re looking for.

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Old breaker yard
Can you trust a Car Breaker Yard?

Breaker yards have a characteristic image that often confuses people when they first set foot in one. The typical image of a breaker yard is of an old, run down, grease-sodden warehouse.

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4 ways to get the best deal when buying a used/secondhand car
4 ways to get the best price on a used car

Buying a second-hand car should be cheaper than buying new, just as with clothes; unless, of course, you’re going vintage (clothes or cars).

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What to do if your car or van is stolen
What to Do if Your Van or Car is Stolen

Here’s hoping that you are never in this situation, but if you are facing the fact that your vehicle has been nicked, here’s what to do.

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Historic vehicle tax

George Osbourne, Chancellor of the Exchequer announced in the budget last year that from April 2014 classic car VED exemption would start rolling from 40 years.  The starting point being cars built

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How to test and check glow plugs

What are glow plugs?  You’ll find glow plugs in diesel engines.  When a diesel engine is cold, the compression process may not raise the air to a high enough temperature to ignite the fuel.

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Changing spark plugs

Inspecting and changing spark plugs in your car on a regular basis is vital to make sure your car is well maintained and that the vehicles reliability of A to B journeys is at its peak.

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Vegetable oil as car fuel

Vegetable oil as car fuel is not an uncommon idea.

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7 Ways to save on your car insurance for 2015

Insurance rates are expected to rise again in 2015, especially for young drivers.

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Driving in heavy rain and flooding in heavy rain and floo

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How to claim back on pothole damage

Some of you might remember that we wrote a blog on potholes recently entitled "Why don't they fix the potholes?".

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What are people doing with their tax discs and holders?

As tax discs are now obsolete, and the government has decided to introduce a new electronic system people are wondering what they can do with their tax discs and holders.

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