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Save Money on Renault Megane Cabriolet Spares

We can help you to find new, reconditioned and used Renault Megane Cabriolet parts from breakers across the country. Search our nationwide network of independent breakers for the part you need using our simple Find a Part box. To locate parts for your Megane Cabriolet start by choosing one of the part categories in the link below. Many Renault Megane Cabriolet spares will be available to buy now. For other parts, you will hear back from the independent breakers in our network with some quotes to give you a wider choice. It doesn''t matter if you need a Renault gearbox or engine, or simply switches or wing mirrors, all spare car parts are thoroughly checked, fully guaranteed for at least a month, and ready for delivery to your home or garage.

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History of Renault Megane Cabriolet

The Renault Megane Cabriolet was first introduced in 2010, as an addition to the existing Megane lineup which had been in production since 1995. Renault wanted the Megane CC to appeal to those looking to inject some fun and style into their driving. It was aimed at sunseekers, although many reviewers felt that the CC model compromised on space and practicality with its stylish looks. The Megane Cabriolet has been a step to the stylish side for the French carmaker, which has proved to be relatively successful if the reviews are anything to go by. Parkers praise its high level of standard equipment and light, airy cabin, although common niggles come from the price and the lack of fun in the driving style - partially attributable to the excessive weight.

Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet (2010 - Present)

Renault first launched the Megane Cabriolet in 2010, as part of the third generation Megane collection of vehicles. Renault introduced the CC, as well as a five-door estate version of the original Megane in a bid to keep the range competitive.

With the Megane Cabriolet there were six engines on offer for potential buyers, including three petrol options and three diesel options. What Car? say that the 2.0 L diesel engine boasting 158 bhp was the pick of the pack, while Parkers say that the 1.4 L petrol turbo with 128 bhp was likely to attract most buyers. What Car? concede that this is the best choice for those who don''t like the idea of a diesel.

The handling of the CC model is greatly affected by the overall weight; the Megane Cabriolet is a whopping 25% heavier than the traditional Megane hatch. This has huge implications when it comes to the way the car performs. What Car? say that the steering is light, although Renault have opted for comfort over sportiness when it comes to the drive quality, which can lead some reviewers to feel that it isn''t much fun to drive.

Inside the cabin the Megane Cabriolet was praised for its sleek stylish looks, with the use of some high-end materials designed to give more of a luxurious, classy feel - although trying to compete with luxury CC-manufacturing brands like Audi and BMW is a tough task for the French carmaker. The AA say that the Megane CC has a slightly mature feel even with its attempts to be stylish, but they do praise its ability to straddle the male and female design barrier.

A common point when it comes to reviews of the Megane Cabriolet is that having the roof down can cause some issues. When the roof is lowered there is the issue of wind noise, particularly at high speeds. The boot space is pretty standard, even somewhat spacious with the roof raised, although as soon as the roof is lowered this completely disappears - a common problem with other CC models.

In 2014 Renault facelifted the Megane CC model to bring it into line with the other models within the Megane lineup.