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Save Money on Suzuki Alto Spares

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History of Suzuki Alto

Originally a kei car, the Suzuki Alto was popular in Japan for its small engines and nimble driving capabilities, which led to its popularity around the world.

First And Second Generation Suzuki Alto (1979 - 1988)

May 1979 saw the introduction of the first gen Suzuki Alto, which was essentially a three door version of the Fronte passenger car. When it was introduced the Alto received a T5B two-stroke 539 cc three-cylinder engine, which allowed it to classify as a sub-600cc kei car. The Alto was dubbed a "micro sensation" when it was first introduced, with much of its success due to its competitive pricing.

The F5A four-stroke 543 cc engine used in the Fronte was also made available for the Alto in 1981, which was also the year that the Alto became available in the United Kingdom.

September 1984 saw the launch of the second gen Alto, which continued to use the existing engines as well as new turbocharged, multi valve options from the ''Works'' series. A four-wheel drive version was also added later that year. Export Altos had either four-speed manual or two-speed automatic transmissions.

Third And Fourth Generation Suzuki Alto (1988 - 1998)

The second gen was replaced in 1988 with the introduction of the Mk3 Alto, which was the last generation to be closely associated with a Fronte model. It featured updated, angular styling with an unusual C-pillar on the five-door variant that gave the Alto a striking look. Another factor that made the Mk3 stand out was the availability of the Slide Slim, a version with a sliding driver''s side door intended to make it easier to enter and exit in tight spaces.

Increased safety demands by 1991 forced the Alto to introduce side impact protection. Three-door versions also featured new traditional horizontal door handles to replace the existing vertical options.

The fourth generation Alto appeared in November 1994, with a far simpler design caused by Suzuki striving to return to making a more basic car. This resulted in the Slide Slim model, with its sliding door, being discontinued, along with some of the higher end versions of the third generation Alto, to create a more succinct, capsule lineup with a return to hardcore functionality.

Fifth And Sixth Generation Suzuki Alto (1998 - 2006)

October 1998 saw the introduction of the fifth generation Suzuki Alto, with a more rounded overall look. This version continued Suzuki''s planned realignment for the Alto as an economy vehicle. Additional variants, including the Alto C and Alto C2 with various exterior changes were launched for this generation. December 2000 saw a thorough facelift update the engine offerings, with front- or four-wheel drive manual and automatic transmissions available in both the three- and five-door hatchback models.

2002 saw sales of the Alto stop in the UK according to Autocar, although export to the UK restarted with the sixth generation in the following year. The sixth generation Alto featured a revised bonnet and headlamps that followed a downwards curve at the front, similar to the Citroen C2. Production ceased for the UK market in 2006.