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We can help you to find new, reconditioned and used Toyota MR2 Roadster parts from breakers across the country. Search our nationwide network of independent breakers for the part you need using our simple Find a Part box. To locate parts for your MR2 Roadster start by choosing one of the part categories in the link below. Many MR2 Roadster spares will be available to buy now. For other parts, you will hear back from the independent breakers in our network with some quotes to give you a wider choice. It doesn''t matter if you need a Toyota gearbox or engine, or simply switches or wing mirrors, all spare car parts are thoroughly checked, fully guaranteed for at least a month, and ready for delivery to your home or garage.

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History of Toyota MR2

The MR2 Roadster is the third generation of this Toyota sports car to be produced. When it was released the MR2 had been sold for nearly ten years, so the Japanese manufacturer redesigned the two-seater and gave it a new lease of life in the guise of the MR2 Roadster. The Toyota MR2 Roadster was released in Europe in March 2000 and was sold until 2007. The Toyota MR2 Roadster was in production from 1999 to 2007 as part of Toyota Project Genesis, aimed at younger buyers. The Roadster was sold as the MR-S in Japan and the MR2 Spyder in the US.

Toyota MR2 Roadster W30 (1999 To 2007)

The first prototype MR-S was unveiled at the 1997 Tokyo Motor Show with sharper lines than the production model, which was more aerodynamically curved. The MR2 Roadster first went on sale in the UK in March 2000 either as a soft-top convertible or with a removable hardtop.

The engine in the Toyota MR2 Roadster was the 1.8-litre 1ZZ-FED inline-four from the Celica. It had 16 valves and dual overhead camshafts. This engine actually was a step down in power compared with the previous generation of MR2, but the low curb weight of the car meant that the 138 bhp felt zippy. The low seating position enhanced the feeling of speed. The MR2 Roadster could achieve 0-62 mph in 6.8 seconds or 8.7 seconds depending on the transmission option. The standard transmission was a five-speed manual box, but Toyota gave Formula One wannabes the option of a clutchless sequential manual transmission (SMT) with steering wheel-mounted gear shift buttons for that racing car driving experience.

Despite the strong performance, the MR2 Roadster offered a good economy with a combined consumption of 38.2 mpg. Combined with a reasonable insurance and tax bill, and the reliability that Toyota is known for, this keeps the running costs low. However, it''s not likely to be your everyday car as the mid-engined MR2 Roadster isn''t known for being the most practical of vehicles. There''s just a tiny nook for stowage in the nose and lockers behind the seats.

Throughout the lifetime of the Toyota MR2 Roadster there were a number of updates. In 2003, there was a slight facelift with new front and rear fascias, fog lights as standard, colour-coded side air intakes, 16-inch rear wheels and new seats. The SMT box was also given a sixth forward gear. A year later, the MR2''s unibody was strengthened to increase the crash intrusion protection, the ride height was increased by an inch, and helical limited-slip differential was available as an optional extra. By 2005, a six-disk multi changer CD player was standard.

2007 marked the last year of sales in the UK. Toyota released the 1000 car limited production run of the V-Edition special edition with different colour wheels, minor body and interior changes and helical limited slip differential for traction control. To commemorate the end of production for the British market, the TF300 series was launched. Each car in this range was built to order with its dedicated vehicle number individually stitched into each seatback. The numbered vehicles were produced in sequence counting down to the last MR2 to leave the production line.