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First Generation Volvo V70 (1996 - 2000)

The first generation Volvo V70 was a development of the Volvo 850 estate. It began production in 1996, built in Volvo''s factories in Sweden, Belgium and Canada. Designed by Peter Horbury and Jose Luis Diaz, the Volvo V70 made changes to the exterior and interior to differentiate the V70 and 850, including making the 850''s square edges more rounded. The V70 also has a revised front end, with fully colour coded bumpers and side trim and clear indicator lenses. The interior was heavily revised. Standard equipment included remote central locking, heated and electrically adjustable mirrors, four airbags, power brakes with ABS and power windows. The V70 saw a minor facelift in 1999 with small cosmetic changes.

Second Generation Volvo V70 (2000 - 2007)

The Mk2 V70 was released late 1999. It was based on the Volvo P2 platform, meaning it shared major mechanical and styling commonality with the Volvo S60 saloon. It offered a frontal area of 2.23 metres squared and a coefficient of drag of .30. The interior of the second generation Volvo V70 featured raised seating in the second row, a hard point on the passenger''s side and multiple new standard interior features, such as a coat hook, glove compartment with a pen holder and a configurable center console. It received a minor facelift in 2005, with a redesigned front fascia. Its tail lamps and headlamps were changed to clear covers, while the center console and dashboard also received detail changes.

Third Generation Volvo V70 (2007 - Present)

The third generation Volvo V70 is based on the Volvo P3 platform, sharing much of its interior with the second generation Volvo S80. With this new generation of V70, Volvo offered four- and six-cylinder engines for the first time in the V70 series. Produced in Sweden, the V70 is available with engines ranging between 1.6 litres and 3.2 litres.

History of Volvo V70

The Volvo V70 is a five door estate that has been in production since 1996. It''s in its third generation, with the latest model being based on the Volvo P3 platform, introduced in 2007. The V70 is known to be a safe, reliable vehicle that offers its drivers a comfortable interior and clever design that provides plenty of space. It''s available in two body styles, estate/executive and crossover, giving buyers a great choice of engines and transmissions.

The name V70 combines the letter V, which stands for versatility and 70, which represents the vehicle''s platform size. What Car? describes the V70 as ''practical, safe and sensible'', admiring its well shaped boot and comfortable cabin. They also mention the generous standard equipment, although they criticise its choppy ride and ''vague'' steering. Carbuyer praises the V70 for its impressive safety credentials, good motorway comfort and, like What Car?, its well shaped boot. This seems to be one of its most praised features.

Warranty Direct ranks the Volvo V70 fifth in a list of thirteen compact executive cars, basing its reliability index score of 138 on a number of factors, such as the number of times it fails, the average cost of repair and time spent off road due to repairs being done. Its reliability score is good in comparison to last place''s 237, and isn''t far off first place''s score of 60.