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What is Car Salvage?

(Because there are so many vehicles being driven (there were 37.1 million vehicles licensed for use in Great Britain in the middle of 2016, the majority of which were cars), there is always a demand for van and car parts.

Here’s a bit of a case study…

Matthew damaged one of the alloy wheels on his car and was told he’d need to spend over £500 buying a whole new set of wheels. He visited main dealers and websites but everywhere he looked was too pricey. Finally, he found a specialist car salvage yard which had a replacement alloy. They delivered it complete with a tyre the next day. And it only cost him £70. (By the way, we didn’t just make that up; it actually did happen.).

That’s where comes in. We’re a parts location service website which links up van and car breakers’ yards so that, instead of trudging from place to place, anyone who needs a van or car part can get quotes for and buy their vehicle parts online from sellers yards across the UK. And they can do it quickly and easily. Woohoo! and van/car salvage

So the service lets you get quotes for the van or car part you’re looking for from van and car breakers’ yards all over the UK. And it’s super simple to use. Need a part for your van or car? Here’s how it works.

  • Enter your reg into our PartFinder search engine.
  • Enter your part details and the rest of the info our sellers need to give you with accurate quotes.
  • Our nationwide network of van and car breakers’ yards will see what you’re looking for. If they have the part, they should send you a quote. All quotes come via email which means you can find the van or car part you need while having a beer (or other beverage) at home.
  • You can look at the quotes and seller reviews and decide who is the best salvage supplier to buy from.
  • Then you seal the deal with the seller.
  • The part is delivered and you get back onto the road.

All parts – new or used - have a right part guarantee and buying from a van or car breaker’s yard can save you up to 80% of new, main dealer parts. No more trying to get to different salvage yards searching for that elusive van or car part (especially difficult to do if the reason you’re trying to get there in the first place is because your van or car needs a part). Just use our nifty little parts location service, sit back and relax and the tricky part is done for you.

Where are van and car salvage businesses found?

Salvage yards, well, they salvage. They salvage parts from vehicles (not just cars but everything from commercial vehicles like lorries, vans and HGVs to other motor vehicles like motorbikes and 4x4s). Van and car breakers’ yards are found all over the UK and are much appreciated by every car owner looking for a deal. The best deals and specialist vehicle parts you need might not be local; the beauty of is that you don’t have to travel for them.


You can search for and buy van/car parts from our network of van and car salvage yards by using our handy PartFinder.