Sunday 6th March 2016
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One of the most expensive aspects of owning a car in today’s modern world is yearly car insurance. Depending on your age, car, circumstances and driving habits, it can cost £1000’s per year to insure your vehicle.

It’s completely understandable to view the law requiring all motorists to have a valid insurance policy as needlessly expensive, that is until you have an accident and your insurance policy saves the day!

Here at we are constantly looking to help the UK motorist to save money on their car, not only by finding the right new or used car parts, but also with great money saving tips like this news item.


Tip 1 - Shop Around

Many people in the UK renew their insurance policies with the same company every year, not even bothering to look around to see what other companies are offering.

It’s logical to think that if you stay with the same insurer, they will reward your loyalty with better prices and deals. Well, unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Often the best prices and deals are saved for new customers.

So if it’s time to renew your car insurance policy, check out a few different companies and see how much you could save.

Tip 2 – Get a Blackbox

Blackboxes, or telematics devices, are becoming more and more popular. These small devices are installed by insurance companies in your car, and are used to monitor your driving and build a picture of how safe you are on the road.

If your driving is deemed to be safe by the insurance company, they will often offer substantial discounts on your policy.

So be sure to look out for this newer type of policy and see if changing your driving style can save you money.

Tip 3 -  Say No to Direct Debit

You may not have noticed this, but when receiving back your quotes for a new car insurance policy, nine times out of ten the annual price will be cheaper than the monthly price.

Most insurance companies will charge interest if you’d like to pay for your policy on a monthly basis. So if you’re able to, why not look at paying annually next time you renew. Usually this will get you a better price.

Tip 4 – Less Miles = Less Money

One of the best ways to save money when renewing your car insurance policy, is to reduce how many miles per year your drive and that you include in your cover. If you’re able to reduce the figure you will see real savings in your policy. And maybe it will prompt some more exercise too!

Tip 5 – Added Extras, Added Cost?

When looking at new car insurance policies nowadays, you might notice insurance companies are all too happy to show off the amount of added extras they will offer to their customers. Things like windscreen cover, courtesy car, legal expenses cover etc.

While these added extras are certainly useful, what you might not know is that they probably push up the cost of your policy. Maybe it’s worth really looking at what added extras you need next time you come to renew to make sure that you get the best deal available?