Friday 23rd August 2013
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Would you know if your vehicle has been involved in car cloning? Car cloning is on the rise. People are now talking about it and will have heard of someone who has been a victim. It is not impossible to catch car cloning thieves, but police do have a difficult time tackling this escalating crime. Thousands of vehicles are reported to have been cloned daily. Any car can be cloned easily. Would you know if you have victimised?

Understanding car cloning victimisation

Car cloning is copying a car from another. They are two different cars but very similar, and their registration numbers are the same. Car cloning could be stolen cars disguised as legalised cars. They are sometimes sold on websites like ebay or AutoTrader for affordable price. Any innocent buyers could be duped by the offer and made up stories of why the cars are sold cheaply. It should be illegal in every country to buy a registration number without proof or documentation, but it is not. Many unscrupulous people operate outside the British law by buying registration plates outside the UK. Hence, this is why we are seeing a rise in car cloning. Anyone can buy a registration number over the phone or the Internet. Once a car cloning thief has your plate number, they will use a cloned car to commit crimes. The only way you would know if your car has been cloned is when you begin receiving parking fines and speeding tickets through the post. These criminals will more than likely live hundreds of miles away from you, and they can be very difficult to catch. Police today use special cameras to identify if a car has been stolen or cloned. This system is called Automated Number Plate Recognition or ANPR; almost everyone has seen these fitted inside white police vans. These cameras are also used to identify if anyone has delayed paying their road tax, etc. If you are planning to buy a car, always do the proper checks. The AA Car Data Check supply's protection against car cloning, this is a worthwhile investment. With a small investment, it can protect you from being a victim of a hideous crime and saving you thousands of pounds at the end of the day. If you suspect your vehicle has been involved in car cloning contact the police immediately.