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Audi have recently announced that they will be recalling over 70,000 vehicles worldwide for an issue with the braking system. This recall has affected several different Audi models which are as follows: the A4, A5, A5 Cabrio, A6, A7 and the Q5 crossover. The recall affects all the above models which were built between March and December 2012 and only for vehicles fitted with the 3.0L TDi turbo diesel engine. This recall issue occurs with the brakes as engine oil can potentially get into the brake servo through the vacuum lines which results in the brake servo rupturing, causing it to fail. The brakes will still work but the brake enhancing function from the booster is very likely to fail. If this problem were to occur on any of the vehicles in question, it would mean that the braking distance would be increased and could cause a potential accident for the driver, passengers, other road users or pedestrians. A spokesman for the luxury German automobile manufacturing company said that the problem was pretty simple to fix. If your car falls into this category of vehicles, you will get the issue resolved free of charge by booking your vehicle into your local Audi dealer. Do you own one of the Audi vehicles that fall into this category? If so, we would love to hear about your experience. You can share your experience with us in our comments box below.

Do you own an Audi vehicle?

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