Thursday 22nd January 2015
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The Audi Unite car sharing has recently been launched in Stockholm, Sweden. This latest innovation allows up to 5 different people the opportunity to share an Audi vehicle for the period of one or two years. To allow this to work, each user will have a bluetooth key fob which uniquely identifies them to the vehicle and also a smartphone app which allows each person to schedule time with the car. Each person would then be billed each month, with the amount dependant on their use over that period. Audi reckon this will work best between workmates, neighbours or friends but they can also pair people up if necessary. Stockholm was chosen as there is already a tradition of car sharing in this city and in Sweden. It will be rolled out in other parts of Sweden next, before it starts making an appearance in other countries. Clemens Weisshaar is one of the founders of the design firm Kram/Weisshaar which helped develop the scheme in collaboration with Audi and he had this to say: "In the beginning, our biggest fear was what if two people want to go somewhere at the same time-what happens then? Interestingly, it never happened." We still find it a bit unusual that no one would try to to book the vehicle at the same time, but we wait with anticipation to see if this will ever take off. We are still a bit unsure if this idea would ever work in the UK. Do you think this idea could ever work in the UK? Also, what do you think of the Audi Unite car sharing scheme? Share your thoughts in our comments box below. Watch the promotional video for Audi Unite car sharing below:

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