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Hyundai Click To Buy
We can just about buy most things online already but purchasing a new car still traditionally involves visiting a dealership. Even though some buyers will always prefer physically looking at a vehicle before purchasing, many are also put off by the whole experience. This survey conducted by carwow shows pushy salesmen are the number one reason someone might be put off buying from a particular dealership. However, if you’re thinking of making your next purchase, Hyundai are keen to offer an alternative to consider with the launch of its new Click To Buy website. This will allow you to choose, configure, process payment and arrange delivery of a vehicle all from the comfort of your own home. The site will also allow you to get a trade-in price for your old car. Once the order has been completed online, buyers can make an appointment to take in their old car to the dealership, sign the relevant paperwork and drive away in their new shiny set of wheels. For those who can pay by cash (which means upfront card payment), Hyundai says it’s possible to complete the whole process in ‘less than 5 minutes’. Customers can even have it delivered to their home (for an additional fee) with any part exchange collected at the same time meaning the whole order can be completed without having to visit a single dealership. But ouch, an upfront card payment is hard on the pocket though! At the time of launch (January 6th), the i10, i20, i30, Tucson and Santa Fe will be available through Click To Buy, with further models added across the year. And, excitingly, Hyundai say that prices will be fixed, and very, very good - a necessity when there is no chance to haggle! The President and CEO of Hyundai UK, Tony Whitehorn, said “We’ve spent many years listening to customers and Click To Buy is the result: it’s a site that makes the process of buying a new car easier, simpler and clearer than ever, doing away with haggling through fixed pricing – and offering the ability to buy a car online in just five minutes flat..” We think this is a pretty smart move from Hyundai as many consumers are now looking for easier and quicker ways to buy things. However, the survey by carwow indicates that the second top reason consumers would shop at a different dealership is not having a car to test drive which could obviously be a problem here. Would you think about buying a car solely online? Whatever your preference, more choice can be a good thing and this could be a good way to encourage buyers who would normally be put off by the process. Need new or used van/car parts at awesome prices? Get quotes from breakers across the UK.