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Audi have set themselves a goal of taking over BMW as the top manufacturer of luxury cars by the year 2020. If Audi are wanting to do this then they have not set out with much intention this year by only releasing one of their new luxury cars for 2014. The new version of the Audi TT is to be unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show which begins this week. This is now an iconic Audi car and the release of the new TT is much anticipated. Audi is the luxury division of The Volkswagen Group and Audi accounts for almost half of all the Volkswagen Group profits. As the European car market recovers after several years of a downturn caused by the financial crisis, it has seen an increase in car sales in January for the fifth straight month. This improvement gives both Audi and Mercedes a great chance to overtake BMW, which is the target of both manufacturers by 2020. BMW has been the top European selling luxury car for the past 9 years and looks set to keep that up this year as they release their new i8 plug-in hybrid sports car and Mini Clubman concept car at the Geneva Motor Show. They are also set to release the Active Tourer Minivan. It has been forecast by IHS Automotive that Audi will take the lead in the luxury car sector in 2017 or 2018 as they look to introduce their latest edition to the SUV market, the Audi Q5 compact SUV. This spell at the top is expected to be a very brief one as BMW are expected to take back the lead pretty quickly and Audi will be back in second place, not reaching their target of top place by 2020. Mercedes are expected to remain in third place throughout this time. As the above forecasts are only predictions, we know that anything could happen in the next 6 years and one of these guys could come up with a fantastic new vehicle. Do you think Audi can take the top spot by 2020? Let us know, by leaving your comments in our comments box below.