Wednesday 14th August 2013
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“Tracker” is the largest stolen vehicle recovery company in the UK and they have reported that classic car owners need to improve their security. Timeless classics are an easier target than most modern cars. The car itself as a whole has little value, but once taken apart the parts become a treasure to a thief. A classic car is worthless due to its lacking modern technology, but underneath that bonnet, there are a whole host of gems.

The need for security on a classic car

A classic car does not have the same security of a modern car; so therefore they are appealing to onlookers who want quick cash. It stands to reason that your beautiful classic car needs security equipment and a tracking device. It is not easy mounting a security device on a timeless classic car and it can look ugly. However, it is essential and beneficial to protect your car because, without these devices you are open to attack. Trackers are discreet and they can be hidden in numerous places on the car. For peace of mind, they do not modify the car in any way. These tracking devices will aid in a quicker recovery than if your car did not have one installed. Statistics prove that the majority of cars that have trackers mounted will typically have their classic car recovered within 24 hours. It is essential to buy a tracker that works in a garage since this is where most classic cars are stored. Just because they are stored behind concrete walls does not mean they are safe. Garages are a prime target for thieves because cars can be stolen from there more discreetly. The best tracking device for classic cars is the Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve. Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve has it’s own power source and independent from the electrical system of the car. This offers the latest technology and is a small investment for your precious classic car. This advanced technology can track stolen vehicles even when they are hidden in containers or underground car parks.

Security tips for a classic car

When you own a classic car, you may already be aware of other security enhancements. Parking is essential under or near road lighting, within view of CCTV cameras and parking attendants. We all know not to leave our keys in the ignition unattended. Double-check that your doors and windows are securely closed and put your key away immediately after locking up. A classic car should always be locked up - if yours is not then rent a local garage so it can be safe. Alternatively, park the car you use every day behind your classic car to make it more difficult to steal. A worthwhile investment is an alarm device; this is priceless a weapon to protect your classic car. Lastly, when at home, never leave your keys visible to outsiders. Store your keys in a safe place even at night when you are asleep. Avoid leaving your house keys in the door at night as thieves are using new tactics to enter people's houses. For more information on security check out Britain's most stolen cars.