Wednesday 25th July 2012
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General guide on how to change a boot lid

Estimated time: 1 hour                                                           Difficulty: Easy/Medium

You will most likely need someone to give you some assistance. Make sure your vehicle is on a level surface and open the boot lid. The boot lid is usually held up by a hydraulic strut on either end.

Step 1

These struts are usually held on by a bolt at the top and a c-clip at the bottom. Using a 10mm wrench or similar tool you can take the top bolt off and then using a pair of needle pliers, pull the c-clip off at the bottom and then remove the strut by pulling it out of place. Remember to get your helper to hold the boot lid up here! Repeat these processes for the strut on the other side.

Step 2

There will be hinges on both sides of the boot lid. Remove the bolts holding the hinges on to the body and repeat this for the other side. When both hinges are removed you and your helper can move the lid and place to the side.

Take the new boot lid and check to see if it has the hinges on. If it doesn’t then take the hinges off the old lid and bolt them onto the new one.

Fitting the boot lid

Put the new lid into position and bolt the hinges to the body of the vehicle, ensuring they are fitted correctly.

Step 1

Put the strut back into place, fit the c-clip at the bottom and bolt it at the top.

Step 2

Repeat this for the other side and your new boot is fitted.

And finally...

Close and open the boot to ensure that it is fitted correctly.