Wednesday 18th July 2012
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To change the rear exhaust, you will need to get under the car. A ramp or something similar would be better, but it can be done without this. It would make the job easier if you can get under the car as some parts may be a little difficult to reach. Estimated time: 20-30 mins Difficulty: Easy

Step 1

Begin by un-bolting the flange that connects the rear box to the exhaust mid section. This can be done using a socket set, just find the right size head for the task. Make sure you keep the bolts and gasket to use when connecting the new exhaust. Alternatively, best advice would be to use new bolts and connectors to help make future replacements much easier.

Step 2

There will be rubber mounts holding the exhaust in place and stopping it from rattling. Un-clip the rubber mounts to remove the old exhaust. Some of the rubber mounts may be hard to remove, so a screw driver may help you to prize the exhaust free. There can be two or three mounts holding the exhaust in place.

Step 3

Now clip your new rear box to the rubber mounts to hold it in place. Place the gasket over the connection for the mid section and bolt the rear exhaust to the mid section.

Final steps in replacing the rear exhaust

Finish by clipping the rear tail pipe to the rubber mount holding that part in place. Ensure that the bolts are tight and that the exhaust is securely mounted onto the rubber mounts. Start the engine to check that the exhaust is connected properly and listen for any unwanted noises. If it sounds ok, the vehicle is good to go.

And Finally...

Your rear exhaust box is now fitted.