Wednesday 18th July 2012
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This installation is for a vehicle that doesn’t have a sun roof already installed. If you already have a sun roof and just want to replace then please follow the below instructions from the point where the frame is already fitted. Estimated time: up to one day                             Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Step 1

First and foremost you should place some covers over the interior of your vehicle to prevent any damage to your interior seating and carpets.

Step 2

Get a template or make one for the exact size of the hole that needs to be cut out in the roof. Measure and place in the exact spot you want it, and mark this line out on the roof. TIP: Put tape around the marked area to protect the paintwork. Re-mark the area with the template in case the tape has slightly covered any of the areas.

Step 3

Drill a hole in the area to be cut out, big enough to be able to get the saw blade into. Ensure you are wearing eye protection for this part. It's best to use an electric saw, and carefully go around the marked area to cut out the shape for the sun roof.

Step 4

Once the area has been cut out test fit the frame to ensure that it fits ok. You will need to consult the sun roof installation manual to measure the exact area to be cut out in the ceiling material of the interior. Mark this and cut carefully with a sharp knife.

Step 5

Now apply the sealant round the rim of the roof and fit the frame into the hole in the roof. Once the frame is in place you can fit the angled support brackets to the frame. These will screw onto the frame. Make sure they are screwed on tightly.

Final step in fitting the sun roof

Now you can fit the inside trim which connects to the frame. You will need to screw this in place and ensure that all joints are securely fastened. The glass will fit into the rubber seals. A small flat screwdriver would be useful here. Press one corner of the glass against the frame and run the flat screwdriver around the edge of the glass. Place a rubber sealant around the edge to make sure water does not get in to complete the installation. Always follow the sun roof installation manual that you get with your sun roof to make sure you are fitting it correctly. There is no going back once you start, cutting holes in the roof and one mistake could be very costly!