Thursday 19th July 2012
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An easy guide on how to replace an ABS sensor yourself. Estimated time: 30-60 mins                                      Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Step 1

Begin this job by jacking up the vehicle in order to remove the front wheel. You do this by using a socket set or wheel brace, whichever you prefer. Remove the four nuts that are holding the wheel in place. Once the nuts are removed you can remove the wheel.

Step 2

The ABS sensor is located behind the brake discs and you will need to remove the bolt that is holding it in place as well as the clip that holds the cable securely in place. You will need to prize open the clip with a small flat headed screwdriver. Once the cable is free and you have unbolted the sensor, pull it out from behind the brake disc.

Step 3

Further up the cable it may have cable ties attached to it so you will have to cut this off with a pair of pliers. Keep running your hand up the cable until you come to the connector which will be located behind the inner fender well.

Step 4

When you locate the connector you will need to prize the ABS sensor cable free with your screwdriver. Make sure the connection is good before you change the cable.

Step 5

Now its time to install the new cable. Connect the electric connection and you will hear it clicking into place. Next tie a cable tie around the cable to secure it in place and fasten the clip further down the cable to further secure the cable.

Step 6

You can now place the ABS sensor inside the hole you took it from and tighten the bolt to secure the ABS sensor in place. This has completed the installation of the ABS sensor.

Final step in replacing the ABS sensor

You can now put the wheel back on and tighten the four nuts to secure the wheel in place. You can now test that the cable is fitted correctly. The ABS light on the dashboard should now be switched off.