Friday 20th July 2012
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An easy guide on how to replace a car door yourself.

Estimated time: 1-2 hours                                             Difficulty: Medium

Open the car door you want to change and disconnect any electric connections. You will need to remove the wing mirror, door handle and lock to fit onto the new door. These will be able to be removed after the panel is removed.

Step 1

Remove the inner door panel by unscrewing the screws and then unclipping the panel. You will probably need a flat screwdriver to pry the clips free, moving round the edge of the panel and gently pulling on the panel to release each clip. Remove the panel and disconnect any electrical connections behind the panel.

Step 2

Take out the speaker, window winder mechanism and window. Now you can also remove the handle and lock. Once the car door is totally stripped of any parts that you are going to re-fit into the new door, you can then begin to remove the old car door.

There is a spring that holds the door open, located beneath the top hinge. You will need a crow bar or similar tool to pry the spring from its connection. Once the spring is free you can look to remove the hinges.

Step 3

At this point you will need a helper to hold the door for you. The hinges are connected to the vehicle by either bolts or pins. You will need a wrench or socket set to remove the bolts or a hammer, chisel and pliers to remove the pins. When you start removing these, get your helper to take the weight of the door, especially for the last couple of connectors.

Step 4

When these are removed, take the door away from the vehicle.

Fitting a car door

Place the new door on the vehicle with your helper holding it in place.

Step 1

Next, put each connector in place by hand, ensuring each one is in before fully tightening them. Once they are in place, tighten them all fully, ensuring they are on properly.

Step 2

You will need to compress the spring using an appropriate compression tool, put it in place and connect it to the door on one side and the body on the other. Release the compressor when the spring is attached to both door and body.

Step 3

Now test that the door opens and closes as it should.

And finally...

Fit all the parts that you took from the old door onto the new one, ensuring everything is connected, bolted, and fitted where it should be. Replace the inner door panel and anything else that needs fitted.