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Guide on how to replace the throttle body housing yourself Estimated time: 2 hours                                     Difficulty: Medium

Step 1

Begin by draining the coolant out of the radiator. Make sure the vehicle has cooled down as you don’t want to drain out hot coolant. Place a container underneath the radiator and remove the plug to drain it out of the system.

Step 2

Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Undo the bolt holding it in place and remove the black negative cable. This will prevent sparks and any damage to the vehicle’s electrical parts.

Step 3

Before removing the throttle body housing, you will now need to remove the throttle cable(s). Pull the pulley to relieve the tension on the cable(s) and unhook the cable(s) from the pulley. Now disconnect the electrical connectors by unclicking them.

Step 4

There are two hoses connected to the throttle body housing. Undo the clip over the hose by loosening it with a flat head screwdriver and pull the vacuum hose off the housing. Repeat this process for the air intake hose. When this hose has been disconnected it gives you access to the four bolts holding the throttle body housing to the engine. Remove these with a wrench or socket set. This will allow you to remove the lower vacuum hose. Repeat the above process for removing hoses.

Step 5

The last thing to remove is the coolant line. This is the same as removing the other hoses. You can now remove the housing, ready to remove the sensors and put them on the new part.

Fitting the throttle body housing

Unscrew the throttle position sensor from the old part and screw it onto the new one. Now remove the solenoid from the old part and screw it onto the new one. The new part is ready for installation.

Step 1

Begin the installation by connecting the coolant hoses and tightening the clips. Attach the lower vacuum line and bolt the housing to the engine, ensuring they are tightly fitted. Attach the electrical connectors by clicking them in place.

Step 2

Attach the air intake hose and tighten the hose clamp. Put the throttle cable(s) back on by clipping them in place. Attach the last vacuum hose and tighten the clip.

And finally...

Top up the radiator with coolant and re-connect the negative terminal on the battery. This completes the installation, so turn the ignition on and let run for a min or two. Check for coolant leaks and then it’s finished.