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DIY: Guide on how to replace a torque converter? Estimated time: 2-4 hours                                                  Difficulty: Medium/Hard You will need to jack up the vehicle at both ends, ensuring that the vehicle is level. Jack up one end and place blocks underneath to hold the weight of the vehicle. Repeat for the other end of the vehicle.

Step 1

Where the driveshaft connects to the rear axle there will be four bolts holding this in place. Remove these bolts and then you can look at disconnecting the driveshaft from the rear axle.

Step 2

To fully remove the driveshaft you will need to put the vehicle into neutral so that you can turn the driveshaft. When you can move the driveshaft you will be able to pull it from the axle and when this end is free you will be able to pull the shaft away from the transmission at the other end.

Step 3

Next you will need to remove the transmission filler tube. Open the bonnet and locate this part. Follow the tube down towards the transmission to find the bolt that holds it in place. Remove this bolt and pull out the tube. Remember to put your vehicle back into park. Go back underneath the vehicle and disconnect the bolts that hold the torque converter to the transmission.

Step 4

You will now need a jack to slightly hoist up the transmission to take the pressure off the cross member so that you can disconnect these parts. When the pressure is off the cross member you can remove the bolts connecting these two parts and then the bolts connecting the cross member to the vehicle frame. You should be able to remove the cross member now.

Step 5

Next you will have to disconnect the transmission from the engine. A socket set with an extension will be needed to remove the bolts. When these bolts are removed you can pull the transmission away from the motor. Now lower the transmission on the jack and then place on the ground.

Fitting the new torque converter

You will now be able to pull the old converter from the input shaft. Top up the new part with transmission fluid and slide onto the input shaft. These parts must fit correctly and you will have to move the torque converter from side to side to ensure it fits together correctly. Now put each of the bolts and parts back in reverse order, ensuring everything is fitted together correctly. When all parts are back in place you can remove the blocks and lower the vehicle. Top up the transmission fluid and turn on the engine. Let the engine run idle for a few minutes and then check the fluid levels again. Top up if necessary. This concludes the changeover.