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General guide on how to replace a turbo charger Estimated time: 2 hours                                                    Difficulty: Medium You will need to jack up the vehicle, as you will be working underneath the vehicle. Using a wheel jack to get it off the ground, you can then place blocks or stands to hold it in place.

Step 1

When you are under the vehicle you will see the exhaust downpipe connecting to the turbo charger. Remove the two bolts holding these parts together. When the bolts are removed, move the downpipe out the way.

Step 2

There are two lines connected to the turbo charger: oil and coolant line. You will need a wrench and socket or spanner to loosen off the nuts on these, and then pull the connections free from the unit.

Step 3

The air intake hose connected to the unit will have a clamp around it. Using a screwdriver to loosen the clamp, you will then be able to pull this over the joint and then pull the hose free from the unit.

Step 4

This has now removed all parts connected to the unit and now you can remove the part from the exhaust manifold. They are connected together by two bolts, remove the bolts and remove the old part.

Fitting the new turbo charger

You are now ready to install the new turbo charger. Installation is fairly straight forward after following the steps above.

Step 1

Place the new gasket onto the new turbo charger and fit this to the exhaust manifold ensuring the bolts are tightened correctly and the gasket is properly in place. Connect both the lines and the air intake hose, securing them fastly.

Step 2

It is best to have a new gasket for the connection between the turbo and the downpipe, place this on the downpipe, ensuring a good connection and then bolt them together.

And finally...

Lower the vehicle and test the installation by turning on the engine.