Thursday 19th July 2012
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A step by step guide on how to replace a wiper motor. Estimated time: 30-60 mins                                              Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Step 1

Begin by opening the bonnet of the vehicle. The wiper motor will be located at the top, just below the window. You may need to remove a plastic cover to gain access to the part. Unscrew or unclip this cover to remove.

Step 2

Disconnect the power from the wiper motor by unplugging the electrical connection. This will prevent any chance of the motor running while changing the part.

Step 3

Using an 8mm socket remove the two bolts connecting the arm to the wiper motor. Next you will need to remove the screw that’s on top of the arm and then prize the arm off the top of the wiper motor with a flat head screwdriver.

Step 4

There are three bolts that hold the wiper motor in place. Unbolt these bolts and disconnect the old motor from the vehicle. Lift the wiper motor down and then out.

Replacing the wiper motor

Now it's time to connect the new wiper motor to the vehicle. Put the new one in place and screw the three bolts tightly in place. Re-connect the wiper arm to the top of the motor, screwing it in place. Put the two bolts back on, re-connecting the arm to the motor. TIP: Please make sure you line up the wiper arms in the motor before putting it all back together, as failure to do so may mean removing all the screws and parts again just to re-align the wiper arms.

And Finally...

Re-connect the electrical power connection to the motor and test that your wipers are working correctly before putting the plastic cover back on. Screw or clip the plastic cover back over the part and this completes the installation of the wiper motor.