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DVLA is working on new digital driving licenses

Do you follow Oliver Morley on Twitter? He’s the CEO of DVLA and not Beyoncé so we’re guessing the chances are that you don’t. If you do though, you might know that last month he tweeted a sneak peek of the new digital driving licence that they are working on.

Mr Morley reassured the twitter community that it wasn’t a replacement for the current physical photocard but an extra, and that security was a “priority”. He also mentioned that there was no timeline as yet so we’re not sure when to expect the new development to actually drop.

The prototype licence was shown in Apple Wallet, which lets users redeem coupons and tickets (think concerts or flights). The latest versions also let you add credit/debit cards and pay with them. 

 The DVLA aren’t the only ones looking at digital licences. Digital driving licence trials are going on in American state, Iowa, while New South Wales, Australia, has promised to bring in digital licences, aiming to make digital driving licences available by 2018.

With so many things possible from smartphones already, from making payments to boarding passes, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that the DVLA are jumping on the bandwagon. After all, De La Rue, “the world’s largest commercial banknote printer and passport manufacturer” in their own words, are currently working on digital passports...

Sometimes it feels like we’re living in a sci-fi series. And this episode is starring the DVLA.


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